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General Information The BIO-TALENT (The Creation of the Department of Integrative Plant Biology) project was...
The Department of Integrative Plant Biology at the Institute of Plant Genetics of the Polish Academy...
The BIO-TALENT project is organised in 6 workpackages...

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BIO-TALENT Scientific Contest
It's our pleasure to inform that the winner of the BIO-TALENT SCIENTIFIC CONTEST is Daria Budzyńska: student of the second degree studies at Poznan University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering: Biotechnology, specialization: plant biotechnology

OPUS granted by NCN

Franklin Gregory HyperiSyn: Unravelling the molecular/ genetic network of hypericin biosythesis by employing innovative tools

[Zastosowanie innowacyjnych narzędzi badawczych do poznania sieci molekularno-genetycznych uwarunkowań szlaku biosyntezy hiperycyny]