6 one day workshops are planned:

1. Introduction to system biology (17.03.2016) - speakers: Malcolm Bennet and Gerrit Beemster

2. Functional annotation of genome sequences (12.12.2015) - speakers: Martin Krzywinski and Wojciech Karłowski

3. Mutational inactivation of genes/ Genome editing - Applications of CRISPR systems in plants (18.01.2018) - speakers: Anindya Bandyopadhyay and Shamik Mazumdar

4. Light and dissecting microscopy - speakers: Robert Malinowski, Karolina Susek (5.12.2017)

5. Adavanced aquisition, karyotyping and visualisation of chromosomes in plant genome analysis (23.11.2018) - speakers: Andreas Houben, Agnieszka Braszewska-Zaewska and Alex Betekhtin

6. Abiotic and biotic stresses in changing climate conditions (7-8.05.2019) - speakers: Lukas Spichal, Dawid Perlikowski, Katarzyna Masajada, Adam Augustyniak

Series of Lectures

5 series of lectures are planned:

Series 1: Integrative Plant Biology

1. Andrew Fleming "And though the holes were rather small, they had to count them all: an integrative analysis of leaf structure and function" 9.04.2015

2. Daniel Kierzkowski "Understanding morphogenesis: control of organ growth at cellular resolution in plants" 17.03.2016

3. Christian Hardtke "Quantitative and genetic control of plant vascular tissue formation" 28.04.2016

4. Gertrud Lohaus "Apoplastic and Symplastic Pholem Loading in Tree Leaves" 11.05.2017

Series 2: Plant Genomics

1. Adam Lukaszewski " Evolution of karyotypes in polyploids" 23.03.2015

2. Neil Jones "Reverse genetics: from homologous recombination to genome editing" 25.03.2015

3. Alan Schulman " Retrotranspozons and genome dynamics over space and time" 6.11.2015

4. Matthew Nelson " Insights into legume domestication from genomic analyses of the young crop species narrow-leafed lupin" 27.11.2015


Series 3: Plant systems biology

1. Dirk Inze "Systems biology approaches to understand plant growth and crop yield" 27.10.2015

2. Anne-Lise Routier-Kierzkowska "A new insight into plant mechanics from computational modelling and force measurements" 17.03.2016

3. Jerzy Paszkowski "Epigenetic regulation and transgenerational inheritance" 12.05.2016

4. Cyril Zipfel "Regulation of plant receptor kinase-mediated immunity" 16.10.2017


Series 4: Bioinformatics

1. Paul Kersey "Quality in an Age of Change: Reference Resources and Big Data" 30.03.2017

2. Bjorn Rotter "Massive Analyses of cDNA Ends for simultaneous gene expression profiling and genotyping" 28.04.2017   

3. Hadi Quensneville "Plant E-Infrastructures: WheatIS & French Elixir node" 29.05.2017

5. Laura Ragni "Novel tools to measure secondary growth: the quantitative histology approach" 24.05.2018


Series 5: Biotechnology in plant genetics

1. Vicki Vance "Edible plants as bioreactors to produce and deliver therapeutic microRNAs" 23.05.2016

2. Stephen Long "Engineering Photosynthesis for Global Food Security. Why, How and Will You Let Me Do It?" 23.04.2018

3. Edward Farmer "Rapid long distance signalling in the plant wound response" 28.05.2018

4. Nuria de Diego Sanchez "The cosstalk between primary and secondary metabolites regulates plant resopnse" 7.05.2019