Preeti Shakya
Institute of Plant Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
34 Strzeszynska street, PL-60-479 Poznan
[+48 61] 65 50 209

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:


2015 PhD student, BIO-TALENT team, the Department of Integrative Plant Biology, Institute of Plant Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland.

2014 Research Associate I, Plant Molecular Biology, Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. Ltd. India.

2012 Masters in Technology (Bio-Technology), Amity University India.

Key Research Interests

My previous research work has been focused on identification and evaluation of candidate promoters / genes from different plant viruses and other plant sources. For my further research work, I will be associated with the project entitled “Investigation the impact of Developmental reprogramming or increase tolerance to abiotic and biotic factors influencing yield in crop plants”. So the main focus will be on the molecular functional characterization of genes involved in abiotic and biotic stresses. My work will be revolving around to identify new approaches for crop improvement through various genomics and transcriptomic approaches.